Yoga with Rylla Resler

Gentle Strengthening Yoga, for all ages, all abilities, all bodies always welcome.

In my gentle classes, we explore our bodies with gentle, loving kindness. We meet ourselves where we are and move forward together. Learn about how you currently use your body and what the long term effects are. Learn how to better support your health through awareness, movement and relaxation. We‘ll learn to listen closely to our bodies as we stretch and strengthen, lubricate and loosen, and tune into ourselves.

-Happy Hour Yoga – Via Zoom- Fridays 17:00 – 18:00 Via Zoom (or in my garden!)

End your week and start your weekend with an hour plus of time for you. Join this relaxed gentle yoga class, offered on a donation basis, each Friday evening via Zoom. 

This class is good for beginners or experienced yoga practitioners who want to stretch and relax after a long week in a supportive and easy going atmosphere. Often we stay together for a glass of wine after! 🙂

Offered on a Donation Basis  Please sign up for my newsletter on a paid or free basis! Then you can get some thoughts/ideas on mindful living along the way. Find my newsletter here! 

-Monday Evening Yoga- 18:00 – 19:00 in Basel (Currently via Zoom)

Lots of stretching, exploration and strengthening. Cost is 30 Chf to drop in, or 25 if you purchase a multi class card. You are welcome to come for one trial class at no charge. Contact me for more details.

I can be reached at or +41 76 422 01 38. I look forward to practicing together!

Private Yoga Sessions, in your home. 

A private session is all about you. With a combination of yoga and mindfulness, we begin to explore where your body is today and gently take it where it wants to go next. 

How? Gentle moving, lubricating the joints, stretching and strengthening. I will put you into gentle postures just for your body today. How is your lifestyle affecting your body? How is stress translating itself into your tissues? Perhaps you are ready to take a step or two in a different direction, in support of your body and your life. 

With this kind of personal attention and TLC (tender loving care) your body will blossom. You will learn what works to feel your very best, physically, emotionally, as a whole. 

I so look forward to working with you. Please contact me. We can meet and you can decide if these sessions are for you. 

Cost is 125 Chf per hour, less if you purchase 10 sessions. 🙏🏼