Therapeutic Yoga with Rylla Resler


Think long, calm, restful stretches and positions that remind your body that it is safe to relax.

Think taking time to be with your body exactly how it is today, including pain or disease, allowing for relaxation and healing.

In these private sessions or workshops, supported poses are combined with gentle hands on adjustments, mindfulness, meditation and energy work to create a space for healing. Learn to be with what is and access your own deep wisdom for your body, your healing journey.

Therapeutic Yoga is especially effective for those recovering from or living with injury or illness, and works by creating an environment with in the body to support heightened immune function and healing.

Contact me to learn more, or if you‘d like to schedule a ½ hour conversation via phone or in person to understand if this yoga is for you.

Cost is 125 Chf for one hour for private sessions. Multi-session packages and workshops are available at a lesser price.



This body, it is mine. And, what of that?

Will I choose to reside within no matter what is happening there?

This body is mine, for all of time, this time.

Am I one? Mind, body, heart and soul? Am I two, three, many?

What is possible, if I connect with me, with all of me?

But what of pain and betrayal? What of sadness and loss? Can I choose to reside within with those?

Can I be at peace with my body, given all it’s put me through? All I’ve put it through? 

What is lost if I don’t? 

What is available if I do?

I’m not sure I know how. But I no longer know how not to either. For that seems self betrayal. 

Let us begin. Slowly.  Walking together. Reuniting.

As one. 


                                         —Rylla Resler