Mindfulness with Rylla Resler


Can you think of a moment you experienced incredible joy? You were certainly not thinking of your to-do list in that moment. In order to experience joy, we need to be present, aware, in this moment.

Mindfulness isn’t just meditation and OMs. It’s a way of noticing when your thoughts, especially the anxious ones, take over your brain and send stressful chemicals into your body. With mindful practice, you will learn to notice when that’s happening and shift your thoughts in another direction. Rather than be directed by your distracted thoughts, you can learn to reconnect to your true, wise self, even in moments of difficulty. Learn to say thank you to your brain, your ego, for their efforts to protect you, but with the perspective of your deepest self, know you really are ok.

And when you are in situations that are difficult, because you’re well connected to your true self, you’ll have the benefit of your inner wisdom.

From this strong, relaxed place, from your deepest, wisest self, you’ll be ready for whatever life has in store. From this loving, accepting place, you’ll find all the joy that is available to you, not once and while, not here and there, but often. With practice, even daily, or moment to moment.

It is a practice. We never arrive. And there is joy, discovery and learned compassion in the practice. Join a class, and let’s journey, together!

Mindfulness For Life Abroad: All that you are facing in your new life abroad provides tremendous opportunity for discovery and learning. Take advantage of this “break” from your old life to learn and discover more about yourself, about your life strategies. Here we will explore how life abroad can allow you to:

– take inventory of your life strategies up to now
– let go of what no longer serves you
– become clear on what really matters to you
– put more of what’s important into your life on a daily basis
– connect with your true self and inner wisdom
– become more resilient, ready for whatever comes next

Living abroad brings so much to your life; possibly including incredible challenge, wonderful adventure, tremendous frustration, and perhaps loneliness and isolation. Sometimes I think it’s like taking life’s journey and kicking it up a notch, at least for a while. Take this opportunity in your life to learn skills that will continue to serve you for the rest of your life, no matter where on the planet you live.

Applied Mindfulness: In this course you will learn the above, plus how to
– come into awareness in your daily life
– connect regularly with your deepest self
– and, practice more effectively.

It is a practice and, you can learn from each step—the smooth joyful parts and bumpy difficult ones. Practice does not make perfect, but it does produce joy. 🙂